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Clemente Sanchez

Challenges & opportunities of the intellectual property towards the digital transformation

Clemente SÁNCHEZ, Director Digital Rights, SGAE, Spain

The online world currently has regulations that don’t fully acknowledge the contributions that intellectual creations are making to the technological development.

This keynote is going to address the challenges and opportunities that Copyright and Intellectual Property have towards the digital transformation.

Clemente SÁNCHEZ,


Clemente has a Bachelors degree in Economics and Business Sciences by the Madrid Complutense University. Then he worked as financial auditor from 1993-1997 at KPMG.

He started working at the General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) in November 1997, where he currently directs the Online Rights Department. From this position, he has negotiated with all the major technological, digital content providers and publishing firms for digital music and audiovisual, such as Apple-iTunes, Google-YouTube; Spotify, Telefónica, Vodafone, etc. reaching the first licensing agreements for Spain and Europe.

He speaks and gives lectures and classes at several programs such as the Master in Internet Business by the ISDI, en el Master in Intellectual Property by ICADE and at the Latin American OMPI-SGAE courses.

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